Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services launched a Form PF Module

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Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services streamlining Form PF
15 May 2013

Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services has launched an online regulatory module to help with Form PF filings.

The new tool aims to support clients in meeting Form PF and other emerging regulatory requirements through a combination of technology, consultative support, and data aggregation and reporting services.

The tool reviews Form PF filings, which are intended to disclose data on holdings and risk exposures within private funds as required by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

“Form PF requires data from multiple sources, with many questions open to interpretation, making the filing process both complex and labor intensive,” said Peter Sanchez, CEO of Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services.

“This tool leverages the power of our technology to help clients address that complexity efficiently, without sacrificing the ability to customise data around their needs.”

“This new capability illustrates how technology can help clients address complex reporting challenges presented by a range of new regulatory regimes, starting with Form PF,” added Jeff Boyd, COO of Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services.

“Regulatory requirements are putting new pressures on alternative fund managers. By approaching regulatory compliance holistically, we can alleviate much of the burden so clients can focus on investment strategy, fund performance and their clients.”