Form PF Seminar – Dec 12th

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Grassi & Co.’s Financial Services Practice Team hosted a breakfast seminar, which featured a presentation by Global Risk Management Advisors, Inc. (GRMA) on Form PF.  To review the presentation as well as additional information on Form PF and Grassi & Co.’s Financial Services Practice, please click on the following links:


  1. Presentation – “Form PF Update”
  2. Grassi & Co. Financial Services Practice Team Brochure
  3. GRMA’s Form PF Update Report
  4. GRMA’s Form PF Review, Check and Audit Services
  5. GRMA’s Form PF Advisory and Implementation Services

If you have any questions with regards to any of the information below, please feel free to contact Grassi & Co. at 212-661-6166 and ask for any of the professionals within our Financial Services Practice.