Form PF Boot camp – Sep 7th NYC

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September 7th, 2012
The Princeton Club, New York City



  • Determining your reporting obligations based on the types of funds you manage
  • How much should you reveal to investors?
  • RAUM: What it is….and isn’t
  • Keys to effective data aggregation and storage
  • Question 4: Do you or don’t you?

Two Panel Discussions:

  • What technology solutions are out there? Should you build or buy?
  • How is Form PF cross-referenced with other information going to clients and regulators?
  • How are funds dealing with the intersection of lawyers, consultants, administrators, etc.?
  • Risk calculations
  • How to treat derivatives


  • The importance of understanding netting agreements, repo agreements and broker-dealer arrangements
  • Handling different counterparties
  • Looking at trade data

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