Form PF Seminar – Dec 12th
Grassi & Co.’s Financial Services Practice Team hosted a breakfast seminar, which featured a presentation by Global Risk Management Advisors, Inc. (GRMA) on Form PF.  To review the presentation as well as additional information on Form PF and Grassi & Co.’s Financial Services Practice, please click on the following links:   Presentation – “Form PF Update” Grassi & Co. Financial Services Practice Team Brochure […] Read more – ‘Form PF Seminar – Dec 12th’.
NYMag Is Writing About Form PF
Last-Minute Test Prep for Hedge Funds: How Dodd-Frank Created a Cottage Industry By Kevin Roose It can seem, at times, like even the most enlightened minds in New York’s financial services industry are raging mad about Dodd-Frank and the confusing regulatory regime it has ushered in. But Doug Schwenk, a former hedge fund COO, has welcomed […] Read more – ‘NYMag Is Writing About Form PF’.
Poll Results from MSCI Site – Form PF Risk Reporting Webinar
The RiskMetrics Form PF Risk Reporting webinar on June 1, 2012 covered issues and considerations around the Form PF risk reporting requirements from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and US Commodity Future Trading Commission (CFTC). Attendees were polled about potential ways in which firms can prepare, manage and execute a strategic plan for the new […] Read more – ‘Poll Results from MSCI Site – Form PF Risk Reporting Webinar’.
Know your RAUM
The most important issue, says Barback, is that managers must know their regulated AUM (RAUM). When the SEC first conceived Form PF there was some initial confusion as to what RAUM was. Many believed that it equated to a fund’s NAV but that’s not the case; rather, it is the sum of all assets on […] Read more – ‘Know your RAUM’.